About SiteLink International

SiteLink provides pure fiduciary representation and advocacy for the highly-specialized, mission-critical real estate of our national and multi-national clients resulting in extreme cost savings and bulletproof locations: portfolio site selection, contract and lease negotiations and renegotiations -- thousands of transactions completed valued in billions of dollars. Superior results handling Renewals, Relocations, Rollouts, Renegotiations, and Options Renegotiations for clients’ optimum satisfaction are achieved and have been for more than two decades.

SiteLink has reduced your real estate occupancy costs (including rent) by 20, 30, and more than 50 percent.  We have worked with property portfolios with as few as a dozen sites to portfolios with many thousands of sites.

SiteLink exists for one purpose – to reduce costs for our clients. 
SiteLink provides single point accountability and dynamic metrics to adequately measure progress, deliverables, and overall portfolio efficiency.  Our clients benefit from SiteLink’s vast experience negotiating leases, our deep knowledge bench, and up-to-date market resources.  Our suite of services include:
    > Actionable Site Valuations
    > Winning Lease Negotiations
    > Cost Cutting Renewal Negotiations and Options Renegotiations
    > New Site Selection and Rollouts
    > Transaction Management 

Concerning leased portfolios, SiteLink only represents tenants.  We create a firewall which protects you from all the conflicts of interest that are so pervasive in the real estate industry.  According to CFO Magazine, two-thirds of all revenue generated by the largest real estate brokerage companies is derived from representing landlords.  SiteLink provides to the tenant the resources, skill, and savvy necessary to win lease negotiations in this backward environment.  SiteLink always represents the occupier of space, so no conflicts ever exist. 
SiteLink has negotiated thousands of leases over the last 30 years in more than 400 markets and we have developed the organization and process necessary to capitalize on high-leverage activities to save our clients considerable time and money, and have with confidence in the outcomes.
We work in any market, anywhere, anytime. Tenants with large real estate portfolios of specialized facilities are faced with a unique set of challenges; different landlords, brokers, and leases for every site or market, and market dynamics that differ from market to market.   SiteLink cuts through the noise.  Our global coverage and hands-on experience give our clients a more complete and consistent bundle of rights on each mission critical site making up their highly specialized portfolios.  Our portfolio experience provides our clients a level of expertise unparalleled in the real estate industry.
We make sure our clients’ objectives are achieved, their experience working with our company is a positive one, and that their results meet or exceed their expectations.




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