Killer Negotiator for Great CompaniesSteve Miller

Steve Miller, CRE Hitman, Negotiator, and Client Protector; he’s the Managing Partner and founder of SiteLink International LLC and recently Stealthy Force, a Society of Killer Negotiators using developmental negotiating methods for securing contract concessions for its clients. 

Author of Confessions of a Corporate Real Estate Hitman, Killer Negotiating in Business and Life, Creating my Unfair Advantage, which lays out the genesis of the new developmental negotiating methods he discovered, the Tricks, Hacks, Hammers, and Cheats, he created to implement them; and takes the reader on a ride through the life, deals, negotiations, friendly fire, and ultimate outcomes.  The skills are deadly and they’re not for the faint of heart.  Available on Amazon.  

Steve has been providing confidential and staunch client representation and advocacy to improve his clients real estate operations and returns, and reduce their costs in more than 400 markets across the United States and around the world.  He’s a sure-fire firewall against the conflicts of interest that are so pervasive in commercial real estate today.
His client list includes some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world as well as fast growing entrepreneurial companies and stalwart government agencies.   

He's a Big Box location guru.
Steve Miller has founded three companies from scratch and bought and sold several more – always serving corporate clients responsible for mission-critical portfolios of highly-specialized facilities.  He’s handled thousands of transactions valued in the billions of dollars.  Steve has run regional multinational companies from the C-suite and Board level, as well as numerous, social, charitable, and industry trade organizations. 

Steve’s interests are global, but he calls the Colorado mountains his home..

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